User Experience Analyst

Business analysts are sometimes required to work as User Experience Analyst or usability analysts. User Experience Analyst professionals analyze the information present, understand the rationale behind the requirement and propose interface designs based on user needs.


User Experience Analyst


This role is responsible for researching, conceptualizing, designing and making applications more usable and user friendly.


Generally, some other roles like User interface (UI) designer, web designer, usability Professional, user Experience Professional and business analysts are expected to carry out the responsibilities of a User Experience Analyst.

  • Analyze existing systems and understand new needs of the business/audience.
  • Conduct research on usability and customer experience.
  • Clarify requirements and segregate them into functional and non-functional categories.
  • Present solutions, ideas and recommendations that serves the requirements
  • Document the discussions, concepts and the finalized scope.
  • Create designs that align with the user needs
  • Prepare mockups, prototypes, wireframes and interaction diagrams.
  • Oversee and contribute to the development of the screens.
  • Conduct testing to validate that the developed functionality is in accordance with the scope.
  • Continuously research and strive to understand audience needs better and improve the existing systems.
Skill set
  • Research and analysis skills.
  • Thorough understanding of user interface design, information architecture, and human factors.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other UI development tools.
  • Understanding of graphic designing and UI designing concepts.
  • Exceptional communication, organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to handle and coordinate multiple projects at once.
  • Documentation and articulation skills.
  • Innovative and creative outlook.
  • Good command over spoken and written communication

The User Experience Analyst role is a unique mix of creativity coupled with technical acumen. Also, they must have a profound knowledge on designing and may be required to articulate concepts/designs through wireframes, user flow diagrams, and interactive prototypes. Additionally, they are required to have an outward personality, out of the box thinking and understanding of human psyche.

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