Entry Level Business Analyst Salary

To get an entry level business analyst position in an organization it is important to complete your post-secondary or graduation’s degree. Entry level business analysts are usually fresher out of college or graduates who have completed their degree and in lookout for jobs.

A Business analyst profession is a high paced career choice where your elicitation skills are as important as your technical skills. Entry level Individuals are groomed under senior business analysts where they get to learn the basics of business analysis, requirement elicitation, client communication, facilitation and documentation skills.

Below are the Entry level Business Analyst salaries segregated by low, median and high for India, USA and UK. Please note that these salaries are only indicative and may vary based on the location, industry and years of experience.


Experience India USA UK
Low INR200k $35k £23k
Median INR250k $42K £31K
High INR325k $60k £37k